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4th Avenue Theatre Memories

Anchorage Memories
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An Anchorage, Alaska e-Book

This 4th Avenue Theatre Memories e-book will bring back fond memories of Anchorage's movie theatre palace.

What are your memories of the 4th Avenue movie theatre in downtown Anchorage, Alaska?

From the e-book:

“It was the perfect place in Anchorage to see a movie.

Imagine the first time you went to see a movie at Anchorage's famed 4th Avenue Theater.

Just standing there on the sidewalk in front of the theatre, looking at the colorful posters showing you what was playing and what would be playing in the weeks and months to come, was fun.

And as you approached the box office to get your movie tickets, you knew you were about to enter a very special place.”

A Few Chapters from the Table of Contents

  • It was our Movie Palace
  • How the 4th Avenue Theatre was Created
  • 4th Avenue Theatre, Hold the Butter

The 4th Avenue Theatre is now only a precious memory.

  • What are your memories of this wonderful movie theater?
  • What movies did you see there?
  • What is your favorite memory of the 4th Avenue Theatre?

You'll really enjoy reading this memory-filled e-book.

4th Avenue Theatre Memories will remind you of a time when going to see a movie was special.


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4th Avenue Theatre Memories

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