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Gold Fever, Skagway and Soapy Smith

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An Alaska Short Story Adventure from Michael R. Dougherty

In 1897, a newspaper headline gripped the world with Gold Fever and Ed Williams was no exception.

How would you like to go on an incredible journey? In search of gold.

“Gold Fever, Skagway and Soapy Smith” is an adventure-filled short story that follows Ed Williams to the gold strike and the rough town of Skagway, Alaska, where he comes face-to-face with a notorious con man named Jefferson Randolph “Soapy” Smith.

From the e-book:

That Darn Newspaper Headline

“The large words printed on the page screamed at Ed Williams so loud he couldn't ignore them. He was unable to look away. They grabbed at his mind like a mythical Greek Siren's wail and pulled him in. There it was in the 1897 edition of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer newspaper.

“GOLD! GOLD! GOLD! GOLD! Sixty-Eight Rich Men on the Steamer Portland. STACKS OF YELLOW METAL!”

A Few Chapters from the Table of Contents:

  • Bare Knuckles
  • The Eagle was in on It
  • It's Eight O'clock Smith – Get Out

and much more

The Alaska Gold Rush was a remarkable time in Alaska history.

While the gold fields were in Canada on the Klondike River, the Alaska towns of Skagway and Dyea were the cheapest routes to the gold fields.

In “Gold Fever, Skagway and Soapy Smith”, you'll follow Ed Williams to the Alaska gold rush.

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Gold Fever, Skagway and Soapy Smith

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