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The Anchorage Film Caper

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The Anchorage Film Caper

Anchorage Memories
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An Anchorage Video

The Anchorage Film Caper takes you on a spooky, but humor-filled adventure through the basement of the deserted and badly damaged McKinley building following the 1964 Alaska earthquake.

When you were a teenager, did you ever do anything that you thought about later in life, laughed and said to yourself, “that was dumb.” Well, this story would be one of those moments.

In The Anchorage Film Caper, author, Michael R Dougherty was a teen when he was sent into the abandoned basement of the McKinley Building after that building was badly damaged after the 1964 earthquake.

Mike was given a holstered 357 Magnum pistol to take with him. Do you see the potential trouble?

This is a fun short video.

Watch it if you dare.

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A short video by Michael R Dougherty

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