Joe Spenard

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Joe Spenard

Anchorage Memories
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An Anchorage eBook

Do you know how the town of Spenard got its name?

Anchorage Pioneer Memories takes a look at Joe Spenard.

He was one of the most colorful characters that came to the tent city that would become Anchorage, Alaska.

Many people came to the shores of Ship Creek Flats to work for the Railroad, or to provide services or goods to the workers. But Joe provided a one-of-a-kind service.

In this story, you'll discover Joe's real name, how he found a lake, built a road and started an Anchorage community that all bear his name.

Joe Spenard was a showman. And the things he did to bring attention to his business ventures, made Joe into an Alaska legend.

You'll love discovering Joe Spenard.


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