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Humorous Stories from ALASKA... and beyond

Anchorage Memories
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A Humor-Filled, Alaska e-Book

How would you like something that will make you smile?

We bet you could use a fun story about now.

Humorous Stories from ALASKA… and beyond is full of stories that will take you on a fun ride through some great adventures experienced in Alaska by author Michael R Dougherty.

You'll enjoy stories like these:

  • Dynamite and the Alaskan Outhouse
  • The Popeye Effect
  • Never Whistle at a Moose

Plus much more

And it's guaranteed to make you smile. And that will make us very happy.

An Alaskan tells these stories. Here's what the author has to say. “This is Michael R Dougherty. I first came to Alaska in 1950 when I was just 3 years old, and I brought my parents with me.”

You're really going to enjoy “Humorous from ALASKA… and beyond”. Mike actually told these stories in his live-on-stage show, and audiences loved it.


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Guaranteed to make you smile

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Humorous Stories from ALASKA... and beyond

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