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Kings of Sole

Anchorage Memories
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Let's Go Fishing

Have you ever been to the town of Cordova, Alaska?

Three teenage boys, Mike, Tom, and a friend, decided to make some money during summer vacation by catching sole under a cannery and selling their catch to a local restaurant. Great idea? Or?

But the boys didn't count on a few things that would turn their summer vacation plans into an Alaska adventure.

From Mike's ebook:

“We were having so much fun catching Sole that we didn't notice the tide was coming in. And because we had tied off our boat too tight to the post, our boat was seriously leaning to one side, and we were close to taking on water.

As I pulled in another Sole and put it in our boat, I noticed that our boat was in trouble, and we were about to sink. So, I quickly took my trusty knife out of my pocket and cut the now very tight line attached to the post.

Whoosh – our boat sprang up out of the water, nearly throwing the three of us out of our small craft.”

Are you ready to go fishing in Alaska?


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Let's go fishing in Alaska

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Kings of Sole

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